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Setting opacity for a AGSFeatureTableLayer

Question asked by shriver53 on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by MGuo-esristaff

I'm adding an AGSFeatureTableLayer that is based on an AGSGDBFeatureServiceTable. The layer shows up fine, but when I try to set the opacity I see no effect. The code is below. Could there be something with the feature service the table is loading from that would be preventing a change to opacity? Thanks.


        mc.fieldsFeatureLayer = [[AGSFeatureTableLayer alloc] initWithFeatureTable:table];

        mc.fieldsFeatureLayer.delegate = mc;

        mc.fieldsFeatureLayer.selectionColor = [UIColor redColor];

        [mc.fieldsFeatureLayer setOpacity:0.3];

        [mc.mapView insertMapLayer:mc.fieldsFeatureLayer withName:fieldBoundaryLayerName atIndex:1];