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Server 10.3 - Restarting Service not updating symbology

Question asked by emerson917 on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by pacofa

Hi All,

I've been stuck on ArcGIS 10.0 for a while, so our recent jump to 10.3 has been a bit of a learning curve. One problem I can not overcome is having changes I've made to my map document appear on my map service after I've saved my changes in the mxd file and restarted the service. For example, I create the service with small, brown points and publish it. Everything is fine. If I then try and change the symbology to medium-sized yellow points, save the document and restart the service, the points remain small and brown in my published service. Stopping and then starting the service has no effect either. I've done this in both ArcCatalog and the ArcGIS Server Manager. If I choose to share the document again via ArcMap and then overwrite the existing service, the changes finally appear. So I could do this every time I make a change, but it's not ideal. I just want to know for my own sanity if restarting the service should make these changes appear. This is how it was in ArcGIS Server 10.0, and from everything I've read about 10.3, this functionality should still be the same. Just wondering what I'm doing wrong.....