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Shift between my published services and ArcGIS Online Base Maps

Question asked by hanidraidi on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 24, 2015 by hanidraidi

I have a map that contains a layer in “Palestine 1923 Grid WKID= 28191”, when publishing this map via ArcGIS online and adding it to an ArcGIS online map, the layer of the map service is shifted from the ArcGIS online base map.

The same thing happens with services published by ArcGIS Server!

This is better illustrated with the screenshots below

How can I publish my services and add them to ArcGIS online maps with no shifts between them and ArcGIS online base maps?

Note: The coordinates of the features in the layer are accurate and have been verified by an accurate GPS


Any help is appreciated,



1- The map in ArcMap


2- The map is published as ArcGIS online service


3- This ArcGIS Online service is added to the ArcGIS online map, and there is a shift between it and the imagery base map.