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ArcMap crash but not ArcCatalog

Question asked by Thoober on Feb 10, 2015

I have a phantom in my system that keeps popping up seemingly randomly. It only crashes ArcMap but will make it crash repeatedly . I am running 10.2.2, my graphics cards are up to date, I have tried resetting both the ArcMap template and the ESRI profile.


It goes through all the start steps but on Finalizing Startup will close down the program. I have also seen it get past this screen and as soon as I pick a map from recent it will crash. When I am in Arc if I attempt to add a data frame it crash and not be able to restart for a while. I have not found any consistent fix to this. I did a factory re-install of my OS about 2 weeks ago because of this issue and some other minor things.


Obviously something is still effed up. Just to be thorough I have the following things installed or configured:

Arc 10.2.2

All the extensions

I use a basic license that I have checked out of a license server

ArcGis Server (Although I installed this after these issues started presenting themselves again)

PythonWin (64bit)


GLmapper 15 (64bit)

Garmin BaseCamp


Could this have anything to do with either 64 bit python, data interoperability extension or OSGeo4W? I am losing about hour or so a day to this, it is extremely annoying.