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Identify shows No Results when zoomed in closer than 1:1000

Question asked by LuciH on Feb 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2015 by LuciH

We upgraded our ArcGIS Server to 10.2.2 this morning.   Ever since, in our javascript app, if the map is zoomed in to a LOD where the scale is smaller than 1:1000 and a user clicks on a polyline or point feature to do an "Identify", they receive "No Results".  Zoom one level back out and click and they receive results in the popup.  Polygons still retrieve results when zoomed in.  It has just affected polylines and points.  I have the identifyParameters = 6;  and I have changed it to 10 and even 20 with no change in the results.  Our javascript app is using the 3.10 api.


Anyone else having a similar problem since upgrading?