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Enable spatial view for other workspaces

Question asked by VMania on Feb 10, 2015

Dear community,


I got a problem with the following scenario (I kept the description of the environment intentionnaly in a syntetic manner):

  • Geodatabase environment is configured as like: enterprise ArcSDE with master SDE geodatabase [A] and some schema geodatabases [B, C, D] do reside in on common ORACLE database instance.
  • I import then into a point feature class a huge mass of points (some millions of datarows) in gdb [A]. With the idea to save disk space and much more important update run time I'd like to generate views giving access to the mentioned point dataset. This approach would also facilate the connection/privilege requirements because the user sees the data as if it might be within his own dataset having select only granted.
    • creation of spatial views giving access to data subsets in gdb [A] do work as expected and with good performance.
    • creation of similar spatial views in geodatabases [B, C, D]. The creation is successful but within applications like ArcCatalog or -Map does list only the attributive information and  geometries.


Is this scenario not supported by the geodatabase dataframe? What is/are the reason(s) of this behavior?


Thank you very much in advance for your kind support.