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ArcGIS Collector domains disappear following edit to AGOL Map

Question asked by ejuser on Feb 9, 2015

I published a point feature service with some fields having domains from Arcmap to AGOL.  In AGOL, I created a map with that
feature service enabled for offline use.  I opened it in Collector and was capable of editing points with domains evident.  I went back into AGOL and
added a string field to the feature service through show table options.  I configured popups to ensure the newly created field was visible and saved the map.  Then in Collector I refreshed the application, opened the project and attempted to edit the points.  All domains with the exception of the one associated with the feature template disappear.  How can I make chages to my map in AGOL without losing domains for that map in Collector?  The domain still appear in AGOL.