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Is the 'Groundwater modeling' [VB6 files] set of tools, incomplete or not supported?

Question asked by Gabino011 on Feb 8, 2015

hi Everyone -


The set of tools I am referring  to is located at:  Groundwater Modeling .

Even though this set of tools was released prior to the current 'Groundwater Toolset', it incorporates a more comprehensive workflow that leads to the delineation of the capture zone, as a final product. It even provided means to prepare input datasets: create DEMs, create wells, which combined, it modified the uniform head surface by considering the influence of wells present in the area.


My question is that, the 'Create Wells' and 'Create Particles'  Tools are no longer compiled into the 'esriGWTools.dll' file, therefore, the updated head surface I mentioned above cannot be generated.


Any idea as to why this is no longer available/supported? Without it, the delineation of the capture zone is not doable either, as the outputs of previous processing [Darcy flow, particle tracking] are not reliable. 


The ArcHydro tools are applicable to surface hydrology not subsurface, so they are not applicable here.


Thanks for any comments !