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10.2.2 Alternate Names Geocoding Does Not Return Matches

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by rozekc_washtenaw

After a quick search of the forums, I didn't see this particular problem listed, which is surprising to me as it was brought to my attention from a colleague using 10.2.1.


I created dual range address locator based on centerlines data.  We have named and numbered streets in Utah, and every named street has a numeric alias:  I created an alias table and it is part of the locator.  Both the centerlines data and the alias table have a join item called of all things 'joinitem'.  Initially I built the locator with out indexing the joinitem, and when it failed for the first time, I then retreated and added the index.


The alt-names table is ignored.  My colleague created separate dual range locator using the numeric values as the street names and then put it together with the original as a composite and that works for him.  I want it (as he does) to work the way it's supposed to.


The only changes I made to the default settings is I Added YES to Match with no zones (I heard that was a bug at 10.1) and changed the Presort input table by (fields) to City, Zip State, but I have even used an input table, I've just tested the locator interactively.