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How to change picture marker symbol based on a feature attribute

Question asked by chagan02 on Feb 6, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2015 by jskinner-esristaff

Seems simple enough.  Using the code below, how would I use a different symbol based on an attribute of the LatestLSRCSV layer?  I assume I would need to create new "symbol" variables for each possible entry of the attribute that will decide the symbol?



   //Add LSR Event Layers
   var LatestLSRCSVtemplate = new InfoTemplate();
   LatestLSRCSVtemplate.setTitle("Local Storm Report Attributes");
   var LatestLSR = new CSVLayer("./NewLSR.csv",{id:"LatestLSR",refreshInterval: 1.0,mode: FeatureLayer.MODE_SELECTION,outFields: ["*"],infoTemplate: LatestLSRCSVtemplate});
   var symbol =  new PictureMarkerSymbol({"angle":0,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"type":"esriPMS","url":"","contentType":"image/png","width":22,"height":22});
   var renderer = new SimpleRenderer(symbol);