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Labels duplication during the map panning (iOS SDK 10.2.4)

Question asked by RuslanYusupov on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2015 by RuslanYusupov

How to avoid labels duplication while panning a map in ArcGIS iOS SDK 10.2.4?


The problem can be reproduced while panning the map view as demonstrated in the attached pictures. Duplicate labels are drawn while you slowly pan to reveal concealed area of the region. However, once you zoom in or zoom out, even slightly, the duplicate labels disappear.


What is used for this example are the following:

  • AGSGraphicsLayer with AGSGraphic objects representing district borders added to it.
  • AGSUniqueValueRenderer initialized with unique value AGSTextSymbol for each district graphic.
  • Even if I use AGSSimpleRenderer with a single text symbol I still get the same problem.


begin pan.png

end pan.png