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inconsistent Behavior this morning with the Deferred object

Question asked by Marka@esri on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by jgrayson-esristaff

A while back I wrote a function with a deferred object that has been working successfully for several months.


This morning, it fails and I am not sure why.


I am using the 3.11 ESRI Javascript Library:


Here is the function call with the deferred object (it is in a helper class, so it can be called over mulitple pages):


addTract: function () {


            var d = new Deferred();


            var layer = new FeatureLayer(tractFeatureurl, { mode: FeatureLayer.MODE_ONDEMAND, outFields: ["*"] });

            layer.setDefinitionExpression("tract_id = " + this.tractid);


            this.tracts = layer;

            var q = new Query();           

            q.returnGeometry = true;

            q.outFields = ["*"];           

            var cb = layer.queryFeatures(q);


            cb.then(lang.hitch(this, function (results) {               

                this.tractFeature = results.features[0];




                return d.promise;










It is being class on a page like this:


var res = utils.addTract();


          if (res == undefined) {





          res.then(function (tract) {

                    // do more processing....








Up until this morning, it was working fine, but now the response back from the addTract function is undefined.