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Auto map production

Question asked by BTLeslie on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2015 by BTLeslie

I have over 4500 image tiles.  I've become aware that, in some places, adjacent tiles do not match tone/colour.  So I'd like to create a plan of each tile together with its 8 adjacent tiles so I can quickly flick through each plan and hopefully pick up where the edges do not match.


As far as I can tell, when creating a map book I have to have all layers pre-loaded into Arc - clearly I cannot do this with 4500 images - (I can load about 80 before Arc keels over).


So, is it possible to automatically load-in and load-out the relevant tiles as the maps are automatically produced - (they are not in a single folder....they are in many sub folders based on easting/northing)?


Is there another/better method for finding subtle mismatches between adjacent images?