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Raster 'Minus' tool misses cells?

Question asked by lahatte on Feb 3, 2015
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I am trying to subtract two rasters in Arcmap 10.1 (see attached image); one is an elevation raster (multicolored blue to red), the other contains sparsely spaced individual cells (points raster, smaller dark green and brown cells in the attached image). These sparsely spaced raster cells come from running the 'Point to Raster' tool on a point shapefile.


The 'Minus' tool (as well as subtracting the rasters via Raster Calculator) omits some cells in the solution (there is no resulting cell at the locations of some of the point raster source cells.


The resulting cells after running the 'Minus' tool are in bright green in the attached imaged. Notice there are 5 pont cells, but only 2 of them show a result after the 'Minus' operation.


I have tried making the points raster cell size various sizes, but so far nothing is working correctly.


Any ideas as to why this would happen? A solution?