Forum Changes on 9/5/2010 Causing Problems

Discussion created by rfairhur24 Champion on Sep 5, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2010 by jbarry-esristaff
I noticed today that there are some new options on the forum.  However, at least one ability that worked yesterday is no longer available and some of the new options do not seem to work for me.  I am using Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit with IE 8.

Even though my Posting Permissions report that I can edit posts that I have made, there is no longer any Edit button option that appears on any of my posts going backward.  The Edit option appears with new posts only.  If there is an ability to edit my older posts, it is completely hidden in a way that I cannot tell how to do it.

The Display option dropdown addition at the top of each thread works normally only for the first option (original Linear Mode).  The other options (Hybrid and Threaded modes) generate a thread tree listing, which is nice, but when I click on any of the post hyperlinks in the tree an HTTM 404 Not Found error is generated.  Hybrid mode can be used in the same way as the Linear Mode, but aside from seeing the thread structure, the thread tree hyperlinks have no useful functionality at the time this post was made.

On the positive side, the Thread Search option actually works for searches within the thread.  Also the Thread Tools seems like a nice addition with the printable page, e-mail of the page and subscription to the page.

I have yet to see how the Rate This Thread option works, but hopefully it will improve the ability to find useful information over time.  However, the old forum option of the person who started the post being able to mark the specific reply that contained an answer to their question seems better than some overall rating of an entire thread that is open to everyone.  I do not see any options that specifically appears for the threads I started that would allow me to mark any responses as an answer to my question.

It is not obvious to me what purpose the Multi-Quote This Message option serves.  Can someone explain what purpose it serves and how to use it effectively?

Finally, for threads that extend to multiple pages the page navigation buttons appear at the bottom of the messages as well as at the top.  Why is this not the case for the forum listings themselves?  The page navigation buttons only appear at the top in the forum listings.  It is annoying to have to scroll back to the top of the forum listings to navigate to another page efficiently.

Hopefully the first two issues can be resolved fairly quickly and the current forum will continue to improve in response to user input.