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Cannot drop view from sde, only option is commandline

Question asked by jeff.pace on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by jeff.pace

So this is the second time this week I have had to use the commandline.  We have a spatial view where the schema changed of one of the source tables.The view was registered with SDE at an earlier version (10.0)


This caused SDE to loose track of the view.


1. View is not in the list in arccatalog. 

2. View was dropped and recreated in sql with no affect

3. Cannot create a new view in arccatalog as "a table with that name already exists"

4. sdetable -o describe Thinks the table still exists


If I drop the table with sdetable -o delete I can recreate the view in sql and all is well, but what happens when they take away this tool?


I cannot drop it with ArcToolbox, as I cannot browse to it to select it, since it does not show up!