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10.3 One-year Tokens Are Expiring In Days

Question asked by flashjordan on Feb 3, 2015

On a 10.3 server deployment of ours, we're using the sample SL proxy and manually-generated tokens to secure map layers, and our 1-year token is expiring every 1-3 days like clockwork...  When the token expires, we regenerate another 1-year token, update the proxy web.config with it and everything works fine for ~1-3 days again.. Then repeat.


We've tried setting the short and long expiration times to 10 years in the server manager web app > security > settings > token settings, but this did not change the available drop down select times in the manual token generation web UI, nor did it help solve the original problem. The token generation page still shows the default hour, day, week, month and year options... And 1-year tokens still expire every few days like clockwork, despite:


  • Lifespan of Short-lived Tokens:525600 minutes
  • Lifespan of Long-lived Tokens:3650 days