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Setting TIFF BitsPerSample format for GeoTIFF export

Question asked by footflaps on Feb 3, 2015
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ArcGIS seems to default to using IEEE 64 bit numbers for the sample format, which in most cases is complete overkill eg with Lidar data (30cm resolution, range 0m - 1200m ASL, 16 bits would be more than adequate).  This default results in massive files storing 30+ decimal places etc for quite low resolution data.


Is there a way to change the TIFF Sample format and / or samples per bit to something more sensible? The most efficient way would be to use unsigned integers (16 bits) and scale up all the heights by a factor of 10 to give 1DP resolution. This would reduce file sizes by a factor of 4.


NB Currently we have many files around 100 Gb, so this reduction would be most welcome.