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What are my options when handling large images / rasters?

Question asked by leftieant76 on Feb 2, 2015
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I have a number of ArcGIS users that I support. Recently we've updated to 10.2.2, and for whatever reason, this has started to trigger some errors / crashes for our users, when they are viewing large images and complex feature classes concurrently.

We're trying to work our way through the issues, but that is another story altogether. I have a suspicion that it relates to memory usage, as it only seems to be 32 bit machines that we are having issues with - 64 bit users don't seem to be experiencing the same issues.


One of the common themes with the crashes is that the users are viewing a local copy of some of our aerial imagery (35cm pixel, 320 gig file) and I suspect that the continuous rendering of the image as they pan and zoom is causing some of the memory issues.


I am wondering what my options are with the imagery - eg tiling it down to a smaller size, raster catalog etc. Unfortunately I am not familiar with raster / image management processes, so I could bumble my way through it (badly) but some advice from smarter people would be appreciated.


We do also have the imagery available as a WMS / ECWP service, but we have very poor network speed and connectivity at many of our sites, which makes this option unreliable and difficult to use - hence users using local copies of the imagery instead.


Thank you in advance.