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NAIP Imagery 2012 MrSID to other format

Question asked by AlexSabrina on Feb 2, 2015
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Hi all,

I am trying to get the NAIP 2012 imagery for Humboldt county as efficient as it can get to get a team of editors/digitizers started. I downloaded 2012 MrSID NAIP imagery for Humboldt (2Go) last week. It looks great, but it does not seem like it is the most efficient  when it comes to drawing in ArcMap. I was wondering what format should I export it to?


==> TIFF. No because size limitation is 4Go.

==> JPEG?

==> ESRI grid??


All I am looking for here is a way to display the raster faster and with (still) a pretty high quality.


Thank you,