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Report back highest scope elevation ?

Question asked by alan_adk on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by alan_adk

Hi there folks,

Might seem a bit basic but I can not get this little code snippet to work for some reason ?

All I need is for the float, Top_Height, to be set to the highest elevation that the scope reaches during some operations


ScopeHeight (n) -->

case (scope.elevation > Top_Height ):

  set (Top_Height, scope.elevation)




I'm splitting up a base dae shape into it's component faces (4 in this case) and extruding these to random heights.

Each of these in turn simply report back the scope elevation, in this case... 7,19,5,9.

When I then run the code above, per each extrusion, the float simply get's set to 7, then 19, then 5 then 9?


Is this simply me misunderstanding the way cga flows ?