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I'm 10.2 all others in office are 10.0 ??

Question asked by vigeo5 on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by ramtechTim

I have recently been upgraded to 10.2 but all other users in the office are still 10.0  It will be a while before all others are updated.


I edit three layers that are crucial to our operations. I can see my changes, but no one else can. We have a shared file where we store all of our layerfiles.


I would like to be able to save the three layers in the folder so that everyone can have the most up to date info, but when I save the layer the other users get an error message that tells them the layer was save as 10.2 and is unavailable to them.


Any suggestions for getting all of my updates to the other users?