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Looking to start discussion about conferences

Question asked by JordanMM123 on Feb 2, 2015
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Hey all,


I'm looking to start a discussion about any conference(or event) that has to do with Geographic information science. I personally have never been to a conference or event so I was hoping other individuals that have been would like to talk about the event they attended and share their personal experiences with that event. Would you recommend going? If so do you have any advice to give?


I would like to go to one of these events because I'm currently working toward a science degree in GIS so by going to one of these events I would hope to learn as much as possible while meeting other people who share similar interests within GIS.


Some events I've read about:


FOSS4G 2015 | SEOUL 2015

User Conference


p.s I live in Columbus, Ohio so anything within driving distance is a plus!