Too Many Legends

Discussion created by ekulrenlig on Sep 4, 2010
I currently have many different client folders with hundreds of shapefiles, and create a project file for each client.  I typically need to produce a couple of different maps for each client, so I have multiple legends and pieces of text that I need to change around depending on which map I need to print or adjust.  Right now I just drag the unneeded legends and text off to the side in the layout view when I don't need them.  Is there any easier way to handle this problem?  I am in the process of converting my multiple folders and hundreds of shapefiles into a personal geodatabase as I try to learn what the heck I am doing.  So eventually I would like to create one project file and use the same feature class for all clients.  This would cause me to need hundreds of legends and text changes in the layout template depending on which client I am working on.  Is there a way to turn legends on and off like a layer, but also allow them to be dynamic?  Can pieces of text and titles be turned on and off, as group layers are turned on and off (I assume with annotation groups)?  What is the best way to handle this?