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Image Server Connection Crashes ArcMap 10.3

Question asked by tricker on Jan 30, 2015

We have just upgrade to ArcGIS 10.3 on a couple of our
desktops. In doing so and working in this latest version we discovered that any
existing MDX that had imagery loaded through the old “Image Server” connection and
not the new “image services via “ArcGIS Image Extension” will crash ArcMAP when
opening the MXD. It will crash when the MXD loads the images or when the user loads it through the Add Image Connection Tool.

I hope that a fix is in order to allow these types of
connection to open the MXD in 10.3 and then allow the users the ability to
remove these old connections and then add the new images service into the MXD.

For now the work around will be to have a 10.2.2 workstation
available where the old image server connection can be removed and the new "image
service" connection can be added. I would be nice if 10.3 could at least respect the
connection where we could then go through and correct to the new images service
connection in one latest 10.3 version