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Problem with Zonal Statistics as Table

Question asked by CyanBC on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by CyanBC

Win 8.1, ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced 10.2.2


I have been unable to process Zonal Statistics as Table for any dataset thus far. I come up with error after error. Most of the time it is "The name of the Field is invalid" or "Unable to build raster attribute table". I am also unable to build a raster attribute table for any raster which does not already have one. Is there some known problem with this tool?


I got some example datasets that have been used as lessons for how to use the tool, to see if it was just my data.


I can confirm that "Zonal Statistics" will otherwise work If the raster already has an attribute table (not one I built). Otherwise I always get the error "Unable to build the attribute table... required by operation" If I use a shape file, or raster I create from a shapefile.


I cannot figure this out. I've tried to process this with small toy datasets to limit errors, Tried background processing off/on, Tried it in ArcCatalog. I re-install ArcGIs and Arc 64bit background processing. I've tried it in a Python script. I cannot get it to work.


The only time "Zonal Statistics" will work is when I have a raster with an already built attribute table, but oddly "Zonal Statistics as Table" will not work even in that case.


Any advice?