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Changing the Resolution of Digital Surface Models

Question asked by MattRNR on Jan 29, 2015
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G’day ESRI forum


I’m having a bit of trouble with, what I assume is something fairly simple.


I’m attempting to produce Digital Surface Models (DSM) from lidar canopy data using the following methodology:


I have designed an algorithm to identify crown and sub-crown peaks within the DSM using DSM’s with different resolutions (i.e. Terrain models with courser resolution will only identify 1 crown for a given tree while those with finer resolutions may identify 3 or 4 smaller sub-crowns for the same tree).


I can’t seem to work out where in the methodology on the link I can modify resolution so as to generate finer and courser DSM’s.


Would someone be able to point me in the right direction?





P.S. I thought I'd post this as a discussion some time ago but I must have buggered it up somewhere as I am unable to find the discussion anywhere...