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How do I create a relate to an OLE DB connected table (one to many)?

Question asked by WightmanAssoc on Jan 28, 2015
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We have a client that is trying to integrate some utility information into their parcel dataset from an external database.  This will be a one (parcel) to many (utility customers) relationship.  We have successfully created an OLE database connection to this SQL database table.  When I try to execute the relate, I get a grayed-out dialog in the attribute table. 


After doing some research, i am guessing this is caused because my SQL table does not have an ObjectID field.  How do I get around this?  Can I generate an ObjectID field in the SQL table?  I have exported the table to a DBF and the relate works just fine, but I am trying to avoid that extra step of exporting the original table. 


Any thoughts?


Please and thank you.