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Refine griding of raster image

Question asked by Andrewrckt on Jan 27, 2015
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I have a population dataset that i have imported into ArcGIS.  I have this data referenced to UTM39.  I have two versions of this data:  one the raw raster image and one where i converted the raster to polygon.  This data's resolution is 30 arc-seconds.


I have generated a fish net with a grid spacing of 90 meters also has been projected into UTM39.  The idea behind this project is to refine the coarser data into 90m cells so we can create a gridded file to run through our modeling computers with other parameters.  We want to refine the population data into these 90m grids.  If one 90m grid shares two pixels, we want to take the mean of those two pixels and keep the calcualted mean value in the corresponding 90 meter cell location. 


I have tried using the identify tool, the Intersect tool, and the Union tool to no avail.  What appears to be the issue is that when there are two pixels within one 90m cell location, a new column is generated snapping to the two pixels.  This generates a non-uniform area grid.  I would like to preserve the grid in its 90m size. 


Attached is an example of the snapping I have been seeing...


How can I avoid the snapping and refine this data?


Thanks in advance!