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Sharing a Scene

Question asked by ialixandroae on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by nshephard-esristaff



I`m having quite a problem sharing a 3D Scene made in ArcGIS Pro.

I have some buildings ( polygon vector data) and some streets ( line vector data)  under 3D Layers in Content; I have applied a procedural rule to those buildings to appear in 3D.


After that I shared the scene to my resources in ArcGIS Online and I had 2 warnings :

1. 24080 - Ensure scene is authored correctly before sharing

2. 24077 - Layre`s simbol will be downgraded


I ignored them I waited for my scene to be exported; When I opened the scene there were no 3D buildings, only the streets..


Do you know what those warnings mean? ( How should I author my scene) and why my buildings don`t appear in the scene in Online?