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Apply False Color to Mosaic Dataset and store in GDB? Please help?

Question asked by rajtarchristie on Jan 27, 2015
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I am trying to apply false color edits to Imagery, here is my problem.


I received 20 RGBI tiffs from a client today.

As good remote sensing practice, I never manipulate the original images, so I avoid the mosaic to new raster tool at all costs.

What i've done is create a new mosaic dataset and add these 20 rasters as 4 band 8 bit unsigned images.

Now when I drag my mosaic dataset to my view in ArcMap, I have to adjust the Red= band4, green = band1 and blue = band 2

AND THEN, under the image analysis tool, I have to adjust the contrast and brightness settings, and the gamma stretch for each band.


Instead of saving it as a .lyr file, I am wondering if there is anyway I could apply my edits directly to my mosaic dataset in my geodatabase.





Someone at work has done this in the past. I have their original mosaic in a gdb, and an edited mosaic that I can drag into my ArcMap and their False color edits from a 4band mosaic are default.