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Consuming online layers/services in custom app

Question asked by orgadmin on Jan 27, 2015

Hi guys,


I am new to ArcGIS online and require a suggestion to consume online layers within our application (1Source).


Here are few details regarding the same.


1. We use javascript API for displaying layers in our application which is embedded with a java app.


2. We have arcgis server 10.1 & custom gp services to pull the data on demand to display in our application.


3. Till now we have only custom services or layers added to our application along with base map. Now we want to extend our application feasibility to add on-line layers.


4. We have the below approaches to do this. Please suggest the best way.

    i) Approach1: Adding online layers to map document and publish a service using AGS 10.1

            - Can we download layer packages and use?

            - In this case, how can we use the layers within online published services (like demographic layers) & capabilities. Client is very much particular about having demographic layers.

            - FYI, we have an ArcGIS desktop license.

            - We also have an organizational account.

    ii) Approach2: Create a map using org account and using it in application by web item id.

            - We do have an organizational account.


Appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.