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Field Calculating: need to display two decimal places

Question asked by DaveMartin4189 on Jan 26, 2015
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I'm attempting to calculate a field to show acres, displayed to 2 decimal places. 


I've got field A  representing area in sq. ft..  I've created a new field  B to represent area in acres (to 2 decimal places).


When I created field B (for acres) I specified precision of 2.  I've attempted both short and long integers for field type.  In Field Calculator (for field B) I enter the phrase  "A/43560'  It calculates the field alright.  Problem is, it's returning the answer, but it's rounding to the nearest whole number.  (any acreage below 0.5 is displaying as 0)


How do I make it display Acres to two decimal places?


Thanks much in advance,