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Edit attribute tables for several layer files?

Question asked by yaron148 on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by marcb_al

I try to edit attribute table for 20 layers that spread in big folder and are divided to a lot of sub folders. The name filed is "landuse" and i wanted to change all cells with value 1224 into 4.

My code work only for one layer (migrashim.shp) at a time:

import arcpy,os,sys,string
import arcpy.mapping
from arcpy import env

features = arcpy.UpdateCursor(r"C:\Project\layers\8915\4002380\migrashim.shp")
for feature in features:
    if feature.landuse== 1224:
        feature.landuse= 4
del feature,features


How can i change the code  so all the attribute tables for all the layers will be changed with arcpy?