[UPDATED] New Terrain and Obstacle Profile tool in ArcGIS for Aviation 10.3

Discussion created by sgrant-esristaff Employee on Jan 26, 2015

At 10.3 we released the Terrain and Obstacle Profile tool. This tool allows users to create elements to visualize the terrain, runway centerline, approach surface, and any obstacles for a given runway. The tool can be configured for both international (ICAO) and domestic (FAA) requirements. This element is used to support various charts such as the ICAO Aerodrome Obstacle Chart -Type A or the Runway End profile sheet in the Airport Layout Plan (ALP). This tool is available to both Airports and Charting customers.


Users can customize the look and feel of the element to suit their specification. Settings such as color of terrain, which obstacles to show on the element and grid size are just a few of the settings you can customize. Take a look at the Help for ArcGIS for Aviation for more information:


Below is an example of a Terrain and Obstacle profile.TerrOP.png


Now for the 10.4.1 release, the tool supports a curved approach path for analysis when creating the profile. The curved surfaces can be generated with the Create Curved Approach Surface tool available on the Airports toolbar.