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Adding Web Service Items to ArcGIS Online Fails (Certificate Issues)

Question asked by on Jan 26, 2015
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We have an ArcGIS Server 10.2 on-prem that hosts a variety of services. We recently upgraded our SSL certificate to the more secure SHA-2 version. The CA is Go Daddy Root Certificate Authority - G2. After the update, when we try adding a feature service as an item to AGO, we do not get prompted to save the credentials. We then realized that the call being made to check the service URL was failing with a generic error message: "Error checking resource: ...". Below is a sample call to check a URL prior to adding an ArcGIS service as an item to AGO using one of our services:…


From our online reading, it seems that the new G2 GoDaddy certificate is not trusted by the Java Truststore. So, it is likely that the AGO services do not trust our services because of this new certificate.


We need help determining if this is what is really going on or not? If so, is it possible for the AGO team to make these CA certificates trusted by their servers? Otherwise, we will purchase new certificates.


This is a time sensistive client specific matterer so we appreciate any quick response.