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ArcEngine 9.3 - ReverseMouseWheel registry

Question asked by nusha.verint on Jan 25, 2015


In order to reverse zoom in/out by mouse wheel action on maps, we used a registry key that should be placed in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

It works fine and we're adding this registry as part of installation process.

The problem comes, when we're installing our application from Administrator User. As you understand, the registry is not added to all other users. Even if we succeed to add this registry to all existing users, the problem will back for every new created user. Adding key to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE didn't helped.


Found only this topic on old forum, Mouse wheel direction

As we saw, there are also option in ArcMap, but as we found it affects only on ArcMap view only.


We would be grateful, if someone can suggest a solution or workaround for our problem.