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ArcGIS RT SDK for Qt - message properties unknow

Question asked by romgcom on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by cmoore-esristaff

I down't know how can I get the list of all the properties that I can set to a message ( before to proccess ) corresponding in my case to a military symbology   SymbolDictionary.DictionaryType set in my MessageGroupLayer.




message.setProperty("_type", "position_report");

message.setProperty("_action", "update");

message.setProperty("_control_points", "7843536.41455,4088224.16202");

message.setProperty("_wkid", 3857);


message.setProperty("uniquedesignation", "1");


How can I know what other properties as key-value pairs, that I can set to my messages?


Thanks in advance

Romeo cureliuc