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Another way to load MPK Files, several instances of RuntimeLocalServer.exe  are loaded

Question asked by on Jan 22, 2015

Hi everyone,


Actually we have some mpk files that are loaded in a WPF application using the  LocalMapService class  as follows:


For i = 0 To MyMpkFiles.Count - 1

LocalMapService.GetServiceAsync(MyMpkFiles(i).Path, Function(localMapService__1)

                                                                               _MapService = localMapService__1

                                                                               DataContext = Me

                                                                               Tag = "HQ"

                                                                               IsBusy = False

                                                                           End Function)




The problem for us is that for every Mpk file a RuntimeLocalServer.exe instance is loaded in memory. We have deployed that application in a Citrix Server, so for every user connection we have 3 instances of that local server running every time the map is loaded.


1) Is this a normal behavior or is due the way the mpks are loaded ?
2) Is there another way to load that files without having several instances of that service