Identifying ArcGIS Online Roadmap for Improvements

Discussion created by RTreecare on Jan 21, 2015
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     ArcGIS Online and the supporting web API's are missing functionalities required for each department in my company. While I'd rather continue integrating the online platform into our business model, I must resolve a list of ongoing issues preventing my company from moving to the next level. 


I'm looking for opinions on how long it will be, if ever, until functionalities will exist that resolve each of the topics below:


    1. Hosted feature service two-way replication with local databases, geodatabases, or tables
    2. Organization level management of hosted symbology
    3. Layer rendering allowing text to be used for symbols (notblueC.pngpicture marker symbols)
    4. Symbology for hosted services comprised of multiple Symbol Objects  (i.e. simple circle with text in the center, big square with little circle)
    5. Smarter and more legible labeling for hosted feature services
    6. A single, streamlined version of Esri basemaps for both offline and online data collection
    7. Zooming in beyond 1:1,128 in Map Viewer, Collector, and Javascript API even if that means stretching level 19 tiles
    8. Dynamic default values for fields in hosted layers or geodatabases across the platform (Expressions for default values that don't need to be coded for each application. Like you can do with ArcPad and with Attribute Assistant)
    9. Hosted feature service triggers within the REST API (after insert, on update, on delete...etc. Like Attribute Assistant Add-in)
    10. Related feature editing
    11. Polygon and lasso selection in Map Viewer
    12. Field calculating only selected features in Map Viewer, instead of the all features queried with the simple non-spatial filter (alternatively: set filter to selected features similar to ArcMap's Create Layer from Selected Features)
    13. Field calculation for regular users in Map viewer and with Javascript API (within attribute tables or a widget for Web AppBuilder)
    14. Efficient editing of features via attribute tables when using Map Viewer and Javascript API
    15. Performance improvements that greatly raises Esri's recommended MaxRecordCount of 1000 for editable layers

     So what do you all think? 1 year...5 years...Never? As the administrator for our organization, am I expecting too much from Esri's commercial off the shelf? Bottom line, I must decide whether to wait for ArcGIS Online and the associated apps to become robust enough for my company needs or dedicate time to identify an alternative strategy.