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Keyboard Shorcut Issues while editing

Question asked by atorizzo on Jan 21, 2015

I'm using 10.2.2 and editing GDB feature classes. I frequently use the 'C' key for panning while creating features. However, I've noticed a super frustrating problem.

While creating the feature class, I'll start by simply using the 'Straight Segment' tool to create vertices for my polygons, while using 'C' to pan. Then I'll reach a feature I want to trace, so I'll select the Trace edit tool, trace the feature, switch back to the 'Straight Segment' too, then use the 'C' key to pan again. If there are any feature classes or shapefiles that start with the letter 'c', Arc will switch to that feature as if it were trying to create a new feature in that feature class or shapefile. Meanwhile, my painstakingly drawn feature in the other file is gone.


This sucks. It wastes time and isn't how the keyboard shortcut tools are supposed to work.


Bug or 'feature'?

How can I avoid this in the future? Is there some setting in Edit mode where I can tell Arc to NOT switch to edit other features using keyboard commands?