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How to get Journal Map to run on non-AGOL server?

Question asked by dwardio on Jan 20, 2015
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Working from a Journal Map that was created in AGOL, I'm attempting to create a more customized version using code esri has made available on github (  Esri/map-journal-storytelling-template-js · GitHub  ). 


Although the AGOL version works fine ( ), adding the same appid to line 38 of the index.html file results in a "Web Mapping Application identifier not specified in index.html" error. 


I'm running MAMP on my laptop as a local webserver -- my normal development environment. View Source shows " appid: "e1fbef1ed7e147cd9f76c24587c19740", " on line 38. 


Any suggestions?  I am well and truly stumped at this point!


Ultimately, my goal is to add a reference map in the upper left corner similar to this: The Age of Megacities . I get that I'll need to edit some JS and CSS, but I'm stuck until I get the original up and running on my dev server.


Can someone point me in the right direction?