Firewall ports needed to connect to SDE 10.2 +

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Hello, the problem that we were having with connecting our main office and 3 filed offices to our new SDE database was all related to firewall ports being open across all subnets.  So, I wanted to write to let everyone know what ports needed to be open, across all subnets.  Here is a list of the ports that needed to open.


UDP 1434  (Needed for SQL access for SDE)

TCP 1098  (Used internally by ArcGIS server)

TCP 1433  (Needed for SQL access for SDE)

TCP 1434  (Needed for SQL access for SDE)

TCP 4000-4003 (these are needed to communicate between GIS Servers)

TCP 6080 (ArcGIS server communicates through this port)

TCP 6443 (This port is used by default when SSL is enabled)

TCP 6006 (Used internally by ArcGIS server)

TCP 6099 (Used internally by ArcGIS server)

TCP 27000-27009 (ArcGIS License server ports)


These ports are listed in the following help from Esri's web site for ArcGIS 10.1:


ArcGIS Help 10.1


These all had to be open across each subnet to the ArcGIS servers, Load balancer, and the server containing the SDE database.  In our case we had 5 subnets for our agency to access the SDE database.  The reason the field offices were still unable to connect is that the UDP port was not open between the subnets and the SQL server.  I hope that this helps others that may run into this.


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