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ArcGIS Pro prerelease 1.0 doesn't start anymore.

Question asked by mlemaireesrifrance-fr-esridist Employee on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by PGrimesesri-ireland-ie-esridist




I can't launch ArcGIS Pro anymorre. It sends me this message "This version of ArcGIS Pro has expired. You must install a newer version in order to use the software. Thank you for participating in the ArcGIS Pro Beta Program".



I have one button OK. If I click, the message disappear and Pro isn't launched at all.



Unlike what's written in the message,  I have no beta version , I have the Prerelease 1.0 version. This is the latest version provided on MyEsri.



I've checked on ArcGIS Online. i've still got a licence for advanced level, with 6 extensions.



I never received any message asking me to update my ArcGIS Pro.



Everything worked fine until yesterday.



Can you help me?



Thanks a lot,