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World_Terrain_Base has transparent pixels?

Question asked by polarob on Jan 15, 2015

I've noticed the World_Terrain_Base map server includes transparent pixels when exporting images as png.  I find that odd, since this is clearly supposed to be a base map.  This is a minor problem because my c# application is using an http GET to export the map image as a png, but then it gets converted into a bitmap in order for a legacy OpenGL view to render the image on a surface.  As a result, the transparent pixels show up as black, against a grey-scale map.


Black Spots.png


Verses what a web browser renders:



If I save the image from the web as a png, and load it into a paint program (I use Paint.NET) I can show the transparent pixels by inserting a non-white layer under the map image:

Red Spots.png


My question is, was this on purpose, or is there an error in the map image data?


Here is the export operation I used:,405778…