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store credentials in AGOL, access in Collector

Question asked by dbecker88 on Jan 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by NicolasGIS

Very simple question, I would like to know if anyone has success taking a webmap offline in Collect that contains a feature service with stored credentials?


1. publish a feature service on your 10.2.2+ server, make sure to enable Sync in the feature service capabilities.

2. secure it with "traditional" GIS-tier authentication (ArcGIS Server built-in username/password) that uses tokens

3. Login to your organizational account

4. In 1 of the folders under "my content", click add item / from the web

5. Enter the REST endpoint URL to your feature service, then hit Tab key

6. Enter valid credentials to access the service

7. make sure to select "Store credentials with service item. Do not prompt for authentication"

8. Enter name, tags, ect... then Add Item

9. If login box pops up, enter valid service credentials again.

10. Add this item to a new webmap and save webmap as TEST

11. Share both the feature service item and webmap with a group or your orginization

12. Login to your organization using Collector for ArcGIS

13. click the cloud download button on the TEST webmap you saved in step #10


During the map download in Collector, do you get an error? My testing says YES.

Why? Because you have credentials stored with the item you added to ArcGIS Online.


Follow exact same workflow, but this time, on step #7 select "Do not store credentials with service item. Prompt for authentication everytime."

During the map download in Collector, do you get an error? My testing says NO. Because credentials are not stored with the feature service item.