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Question asked by arcTestgis on Jan 16, 2015

The UNLV Geology department is teaching ArcGIS this spring semester.  The class is using "Geographic Information Systems & Science" by Longley, et. al. and "Mastering ArcGIS" by Price.  I have gotten ArcGIS 10.2.2 from Esri for use in this class.  I got the DVD version rather than downloading the programs.  Nine DVD in total, ArcGIS for Desktop, Data and Maps for ArcGIS(2013) and ArcGIS for Windows Mobile.  The only issue I had was with the Windows Mobile DVD would not extract without a Visual Studio Express version 13 loaded.  This program required a Visual Studio Express version 8.  I created a work around by installing Visual Studio Express version 8 on a extra laptop and the files were extracted and moved to the desktop computer with the other programs that I am using for this class.