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ArcGIS Server will not start on new amazon EC2 windows instance

Question asked by drewdowling on Jan 14, 2015

We have had ArcGIS server running on an EC2 instance without problems for the last 2 years. I am now trying to change to a larger instance. I followed Amazons steps to create a new instance

  1. Stop existing instance
  2. Make a new image from the instance
  3. Launch the new image specifiying the new larger instance size

Everything appeared to go smoothly. I can log into the new instance and all data and files are there. The problem is ArcGIS server will not start. I tried manually starting the service from the service console but it stopps after a few seconds. It doesn't look like the tomcat web server gets launched. service_error.log shows the following:

"INFO: getting data at url: com.esri.arcgis.discovery.admin.AdminException: Could not create directory path '\SITEHOST\config-store'. This is required to maintain the Site configuration. Please check that the location is valid and that the ArcGIS Server account has permissions to the location."


SITEHOST is the name of the server machine in ArcGIS server. Typing \SITEHOST\config-store into a browser shows page not found, but in the working instance it shows a directory with the expected config files. This is why I think the problem is with tomcat starting. Does anybody know what could be causing this?