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Import ECW to Database

Question asked by ben_vk on Jan 14, 2015
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I have recently taken ownership of our Enterprize GeoDB, and today we received four ECW aerial photographs which tile to make up our City.


We have existing Raster Datasets that the previous Admin has setup when he had been given imagery in the past, now I am trying to replicate his old work but incorporate the new imagery.


This is the supplied data I have in my hand (albury, holbrook, tallangatta and walbundrie ECWs):

2015-01-15_11-27-17_ArcCatalog - Y2014_MayAlbury_2014_02_50cm.jpg


This is how my predecessor had the imagery sitting on our SDE:

2015-01-15_11-27-41_ArcCatalog - Database ConnectionsGISADMIN@SDE_Imagery2000@Smithy.sde.jpg



I currently have an empty database to place the imagery into:

2015-01-15_11-59-40_ArcCatalog - Database ConnectionsGISADMIN@SDE_Imagery2014@Smithy.sde.jpg


Can someone please tell me the steps that need to be taken to import these images into the DB?


Thanks very much for your time.