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Error on exporting to pdf

Question asked by Shawn_Sumpter on Jan 14, 2015

ArcGIS 10.2 for Desktop – Advanced


I thought I would document a problem and solution.


Problem:  I opened an MXD that I had not used in a year or so. I reconnected some data due to data migration made a couple of minor modifications and saved the mxd.  I then attempted to export a PDF copy of the map. The MXD represents a relatively simple dataset that should cause the system no heartburn.  No rasters were involved.  Expected output: 24”x36” 200 dpi RGB pdf file with no geo-associations.


After processing for a minute or so I receive a “Not enough memory” message.  This further resulted in a complete freeze of ArcMap.  Well at least I got a “not responding do you want to close” dialog box so it was not 100% frozen.


Closed the map, and through various trial and error processes including MXD Doctor, CPU restart and full power cycle discovered the following solution while attempting to print to pdf as a workaround.  The culprit seems to have been the assignment of the default printer to the mxd. Either printers have been changed out during the inactivity of the mxd or this may be due to upgrading our systems from Windows XP to Windows 7.  I was able to successfully export to pdf once I opened the mxd, reset the page setup to match the desired device and size (in this case HPT1200 24”x36) and saved file.


Maybe this is a no-brainer to some of you but it was a head banger for me!